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Andris, recycling and waste solutions team leader

Igors, recycling and waste solutions metal sorter
Uldis, recycling and waste solutions loader driver
Andis, recycling and waste solutions team leader

Andris, with over 8 years' worth of expertise in the recycling and waste solution industry in England, takes an active part as a team leader in BRIGG projects in Scandinavia.

Igors is one of the most experienced metal sorters on the BRIGG team. Igors has been working in the recycling industry for more than 4 years. He has gained respect from colleagues and built trust among BRIGG Swedish partners.

BRIGG aims to encourage the development of young individuals, preparing them for future challenges in an international environment.

Uldis is a professional loader driver that always strives to be the best. His positive attitude and high level of determination help him to complete all tasks and assignments successfully.

Andis has been working for BRIGG for more than 5 years. He started his experience in recycling and waste management as a metal sorter and very soon was promoted to become a loader driver. Now, Andis is a recycling and waste solutions team leader operating and controlling important production processes.

Rihards, recycling and waste solutions metal sorter
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