Our professional recruiters with expertise in IT for more than 8 years can help to connect hiring managers with top technical talents and experts for permanent positions or project-based jobs.

IT Recruitment

Today's organisations are continuously changing, with the integration of digital technology into all areas, fundamentally impacting not only the business, but also its employees. More and more companies carry out projects that can be accomplished only in complementary teams.

BRIGG can help you to find professionals with specific skills in IT for permanent positions or project-based jobs.

Benefits of Recruitment Services

8 years of experience in IT field
Employment guarantee ‍up to 6 months
Initial testing and skill set evaluation
Talent pool of local and foreign professionals
More than 20000 talented professionals in our data base
Executive search

How it works

Resume screening and shortlisting

Advertising implementation

Perfect candidate search within our data base and market

Identifying requirements and the hiring needs

Initial meeting

Interviewing and skillset evaluation

Reference collection

Presentation of employees

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