Get the talent you need to succeed

Get the talent you need to succeed

Enhance the competitiveness of your business

Strategic staffing can mean the difference between profit and loss.

Brigg is a leading provider of workforce staffing and outsourcing solutions for the transportation, recycling and construction industry as well as for accounting and financial administration services.

Getting the right people with the right expertise on board at the right time is essential to success. Brigg can help.

Get the talent you need to succeed

Transport, industry, recycling and construction industries

Hire qualified contract on a project basis or contingency staff on an asneeded basis.

Professional truck drivers, machine operators, mechanics, welders, turners, carpenters, construction workers, electricians, painters, plumbers are ready and able to put their skills to work for you – whenever and wherever you need them.

Accounting and financial administration

Outsource part, or all, of your accounting and financial administration services.

Whether handling your daily bookkeeping and accounting activities, or your entire back office operations, our dedicated teams of professional accountants provide competent, prompt services that meet regulatory requirements and give you financial peace of mind.

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