BRIGG as a staffing partner provides a labor supply service that allows companies in the Baltic and Scandinavia to attract additional staff without the need to employ them directly in their companies

What does Staffing mean?

Staffing or Employee Leasing relates to a periodic outsourcing of professionals by the companies to support their specific projects without the need to employ directly. BRIGG provides recruitment, staff administration, payroll and tax administration services in compliance with employment laws and trade unions' requirements for EU.
We have provided companies in Scandinavia with more than 450 employees in Recycling and Manufacturing industries.

Benefits of Staffing Services

Full Сycle Recruitment
Cost-efficient Permanent and Temporary Staffing Solutions
Quick Employee Replacement
Certified and Motivated Employees
Finnish and Swedish speaking Managers are available.
English Speaking Employees

Frequently asked questions

What Posting to Scandinavia means?
BRIGG as an employer based in Latvia sends staff to perform a service in Sweden, Norway, or Finland for a limited period of time. During this term, the employee is signed to work such as 2 weeks in Scandinavia and afterward 2 weeks stay in their home country.

Posting rules in Scandinavia are based on rules that are common for the EU and the EEA. The rules shall strengthen the rights of posted workers and makes it easier for people to work in countries within the EU and the EEA.
What BRIGG provides you during Posting?
You can expect free transportation, accommodation and administration provided by BRIGG
How much can I earn?
The monthly net income for a full-timer work is from 2 000 EUR up to 3 000 EUR for sorters, loader drivers and mechanics — welders.
How many hours per week do I have to work?
The work plan for the day is 10 hours and 60 hours per week
Will I get my homestay and how often will I return to my family?
All BRIGG workers are provided with the possibility to regularly rotate between their home country and host country (Sweden, Finland or Norway). The rotation plan for sorters, loader drivers, mechanics, and welders is 2 weeks in Scandinavia and 2 weeks rest in the home country.
How to join BRIGG team?
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