BRIGG is a Business HR Partner for companies operating in Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Latvia.
Who we are
BRIGG, as a staffing provider, is a business partner for companies operating in the Nordic and Baltic countries. We are proud of our ability to connect those that are seeking talent with talented professionals that are seeking new opportunities.

We work in industries such as recycling, forest, wood processing, manufacturing and IT. Our partners trust us to find the best candidates because we take the time to learn about their businesses and understand their challenges and objectives.

Likewise, BRIGG is a people-centric company that takes the time to thoroughly understand each candidate's skill set. This, in combination with the right opportunity, allows us to make the connection between the needed expertise and the perfect candidate for the job swiftly and efficiently.

BRIGG — Get the talent you need to succeed!
Our way of working
At BRIGG, we are committed to provide the optimal workforce solutions to meet partners' needs. We work closely with our partners to understand the unique needs of their business. We maintain constant dialogue with stakeholders, authorities, employers, and employees to ensure the best possible conditions that help both our partners and job seekers to thrive. We understand marketplace dynamics and are conscious of our duty to adhere to the regulations and standards of the countries in which we operate.

Our values
These values reflect what is truly important to us in our relationships with partners, job seekers, authorities and other stakeholders. Our values guide us in how we aspire to do business every day.
We keep our promises, deliver on time, act with integrity and respect & provide full transparency.
We have the appropriate knowledge, skills and experience to do exceptional work.
We continuously adapt to changing conditions.
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