About us

Brigg is a leading provider of talent-driven workforce staffing and outsourcing solutions for the transportation, recycling and construction industries as well as for support services in accounting and financial administration.

To help companies become more agile and successful by providing flexible workforce solutions that help them align their staffing needs and their business strategies.

Brigg primarily serves clients in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries, but our reach extends throughout the Europe. Our workforce and staffing solutions are ideal for companies that:

• are experiencing rapid growth
• have equipment and capacity that are underutilized
• must adapt quickly to accommodate fluctuations in workforce demand based on peaks in activity or seasonality
• are developing new projects or changing business direction
• are part of a larger corporation that has ownership over a subsidiary or group of subsidiaries

At Brigg, we are committed to providing the optimal workforce solutions to meet client needs. We work closely with our clients to understand the unique needs of their business. We maintain constant dialogue with stakeholders, authorities, employers and employees to ensure the best possible conditions for help both our clients and job seekers thrive. We understand marketplace dynamics and are conscious of our duty to adhere to the regulations and standards of the countries in which we operate.

These values reflect what is truly important to us in our dealings with clients, job seekers, authorities and one another as well as with other stakeholders. They guide us in how we aspire to do business every day.

• Competent: We have the appropriate knowledge, skills and experience to do exceptional work
• Reliable: We keep our promises, deliver on time, act with integrity and respect, provide full transparency
• Responsive: We continuously adapt to changing conditions

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