Accounting & financial administration services

Cost savings. Increased financial control. Better focus on core competencies.

These are a few reasons why more CEOs and finance and accounting directors are outsourcing part, or all, of their company’s finance and accounting services to Brigg.

Should you outsource your company’s accounting and finance functions? Here are a few questions to consider:

• Is your company experiencing rapid growth?
• Does rapid growth or seasonal activities mean that your company must adapt quickly to changes in the work environment?
• Are you in the process of developing new projects or making a strategic shift to the direction of your business?
• Is your company part of a larger corporation that has ownership over a subsidiary or group of subsidiaries?

Whatever challenges you face, Brigg can help.

Flexible, affordable services
Brigg offers flexible and affordable accounting and financial administration services for companies in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries.

We work closely with you to understand your company’s unique needs. Then you decide which accounting and finance functions you want Brigg to be responsible for. We help you manage your accounting and finance tasks – from data entry and bookkeeping to analysis and reports. Our attention to detail and understanding of regulations ensure that every job is handled with care.

Brigg provides:
• A range of accounting and finance services tailored to your individual needs
• Full transparency
• Flexible, affordable support whether on daily basis or on an as-needed basis for specific accounting and financial administration functions
• The possibility to test our accounting and finance services for several months

Certified professionals at your service
Our certified accountants have vast experience in accounting, bookkeeping and back-office processing. They are consummate professionals who have experience with the business environment and cultures of Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. Most are fluent in Swedish, English, Russian and Latvian or some combination of these languages. What’s more, they stand at the ready and can start work immediately – whether you have a short-term assignment or would like a long-term contract.

Brigg can help you with your company’s routine monthly accounting services. We gain an understanding or your requirements and strive to exceed your expectations. Our attention to detail helps you better manage cash flow and plan for growth and expansion. Services may include:

• Payroll accounting
• Accounts payable
• Accounts receivable
• Tax payments

We provide special services for Swedish companies that have business activities in Russianspeaking markets. Our Service Center can take on complete responsibility for administrative functions, such as accounting and clearances.

Plan to outsource administration of accounting and finance services? Let us show you what Brigg can do for your company by testing our accounting services on a short-term basis. If you are satisfied with our services, we can recommend how to gradually transfer responsibility to Brigg, placing some of your back-office processes with under our care. Or we can partner with you and assume turnkey responsibility for all your back office functions.

Brigg can also take care of accounting services involving data management, major projects that require manual entry, depreciation of assets and equipment, and handling of accounts receivable ledgers.

Select exactly the types of services you need and let Combine the solutions package the match your needs. Let our Swedish speaking client managers assess your need and come up with matching solution.

• Data ledger entries
• Accounts payable
• Accounts receivable
• Bank transactions
• Reconciliation of bank and credit card statements
• Internal management reports
• VAT declarations
• Payroll calculations and reports
• Cash management
• Reports for tax authorities
• Yearend reports


One of our client managers works closely with you to assess your company’s needs and make staffing recommendations.

Once the quote is approved, we sign a contract

Contract period
Continuous follow-up

Contract period ends

Needs assessment survey


Project reoprt

Feedback/Project evaluation

Temporary placement or long-term assignment?

Complete the form below to detail your current staffing requirements. We'll be in touch with you to discuss how we can help.

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Resource planning, financial administration services aimed at companies and organizations who want to strengthen its corporate finance department.

• Makes it easier to balance resources
• Brings up a concrete action plan The service looks over in consultation with the customer's finance or Hr-manager what type of resources needed. We develop a needs profile and match it against our resource bank. The service is intended for those who have a management positions in a corporate finance functions.

The service includes:
• Needs inventory resources, finance functions, study internal customer document management as part of business.
• Development of a short and long term based outsourcing plan

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